Concepts In Contrology CD

The Body/MIND Series: Volume 1

The Pilates-Contrology Correlation: Going Beyond Technique
This audio CD that I created in 2006 provides insights and exposés from many seminal Body/Mind resources. Information is explained in my own words and delivered in a conversational style. Many teachers conceptualize Pilates through cueing of the exercises. This CD explores going beyond technique. Teachers say the content resonates with their perceptions of Pilates philosophy.
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The Body/MIND Series: Volume 1
The Pilates-Contrology Correlation: Going Beyond Technique 

1. Introduction and Contrology overview.2. Observations in a Pilates session.
3. Three themes of Contrology. 
4. Contrology as a science.
5. Perception and interpretation.
6. Quality of attention:body, thought, and form.
7. Mind, matter, and intention: potential in space.
8. Quantum Physics applied to Pilates.
9. Contrology evokes higher consciousness.
10. Modern research:energy field and potential.
11. Co-existence of opposites. The evolving human nervous system.
12. Awareness and self knowledge. Purpose of Pilates teacher. Five action steps. 

Includes Illustrated Companion Booklet

Some of the comments I received:

“I was intrigued by your presentation because for the first time in my experience someone had painstakingly examined the philosophies of Pilates on a significant intellectual level rather than just the movements by themselves. Thank you for making us think about our purpose in what we do.”
–– Gerald N. Morigerato, P.T., Northstar Pilates Solutions, LLC

“These concepts that you have organized so well serve to emphasize the value that we bring to each individual that crosses our path. I listen to at least some of your CD once a week. Your voice and clarity are a wonderful part of my week!”
–– Kate Wodash, Pilates teacher