“I have known Gary for 20 years; he is one of the first graduates of The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program and learned directly from Romana as well as Amy and I. He has been passionate about the Pilates method since his first lesson and this book is the latest expression of his long-held dream to share the wonders of Pilates with the world.

Because there is so much trendy hype about Pilates it is imperative that the real value of this work be spoken about loudly and creatively as Gary has done in this book. Pilates is transformative. We teachers are blessed with the experience of taking victims of terrible pain and re-forming them into powerful, pain free activists with a zest for living. In partnership with our clients we help them not only effect powerful transformations in their bodies but in their mental states, watching reclusive, angry individuals grow empathetic and giving, shifting into delighting in their lives and the world, being able to participate actively in making a difference in their own lives but also the lives of others. As Gary describes so richly, the power of Pilates is so profound it can motivate them to change the deepest patterns of their lives and then touch those around them newly.

This book shares much of the truth of Joseph Pilates’ method and aligns it with other great modern thinkers to bring it into the 21st century.”

~Rachel Taylor Segel With Amy Alpers
Co-founder and Co-owner, The Pilates Center Boulder, Colorado