“This book is important for the existence and survival of Joseph Pilates intention in the world.”

~Lara Kolesar, Master Pilates Teacher

“It is minds like Calderone’s mind that will help speed up the day, where a critical mass will embrace a peaceful and balanced state between mind, body and spirit hastening the shift in our worlds paradigm from one of anger to one of love.” 

~ Brent D. Anderson PT, PhD
   OCS President of Polestar Pilates

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“Because there is so much trendy hype about Pilates it is imperative that the real value of this work be spoken about loudly and creatively as Gary has done in this book. Pilates is transformative.”

~Rachel Taylor Segel With Amy Taylor Alpers
  Co-founder and Co-owner 
  The Pilates Center Boulder, Colorado

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“Gary asks the right questions, inviting us to think outside the box about living a balanced life through the practice of Pilates. He masterfully unlocks the essence of Pilates’ greatest secret - why and how Pilates profoundly impacts both student and teacher, weaving threads from other disciplines to confirm their universal connection. He illuminates the truth about how choices for our inner health are mirrored in the manifestation of our outer experience, thereby strengthening global consciousness. Truly inspiring!”

~Clare Dunphy, Peak Pilates Master Trainer, Director 
  Progressive Bodyworks, Inc.

“Gary Calderone’s new book The Pilates Path to Health,Body,Mind,and Spirit has made me more excited than ever about this wonderful work that I practice and teach. He breathes new life into Joseph Pilates’ own book, Return to Life,and gives the reader the perspective to appreciate the gift and potential impact of Contrology that was given to the world.”

~Joyce Yost Ulrich, PMA ® Certified Pilates Teacher
  Yamuna Body Rolling™Practitioner
  Owner, Pilates Treehouse

“Anyone who has had the opportunity to read this work will find themselves eagerly awaiting their next Pilates session. I myself feel more ‘anchored into my bones, the earth, and my life’ just having read the manuscript."

~Zoe Stein Pierce, Director
  Pilates at Dancescape Studio
The Premier Pilates Studio of Fort Worth,TX. Since 1992

“I am thrilled to see how far this manuscript has come. It has become very readable and I am confident that it will be well received. There is a fine line between describing the benefit of Pilates in a way that is grounded in examples and explanation, and advertising for Pilates. I think there might be a little crossover happening at times, but overall, Good Job!

~Marguerite Ogle, the guide to Pilates at

“This book is relevant and necessary for our future and our evolutionary process. This is a service to humanity, a fertilizer for personal growth and ultimate utopian awakening. Gary's writing and his experience is authentic, he gives you a telescope glimpse of a better way to live. Gary outlines our human challenges and provides tools for rising above those inner conflicts with Pilates as the vehicle. He meets the paradox moments with compassion and strength. It is so simply sophisticated, honestly written with details and experiences that make you hungry to feel it in your body”.

~Maila Blossom Rider,
  Pilates, Yoga and Franklin method professional
  Owner of the Pilates Yoga Company, Windsor, CO

“The Pilates Path to Health: Body, Mind, and Spirit by Gary Calderone is a timely contribution to literature in the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry. Gary’s ability to present the material in a reader-friendly format with compelling evidence intertwined should be applauded.

Our industry is consistently seeking new models for the delivery of integrated and results-focused initiatives that provide for the healthy lifestyles and outcomes of our clients. The Pilates approach to health truly focuses on awareness, choice and results. As an industry leader I believe this book will add value to the industry understanding of Pilates and its multifaceted benefits.“Gary’s writing illustrates his passion for why he and others practice and teach Pilates. The Pilates Path to Health provides evidence of the restorative health benefits for those who consciously choose the Pilates Method.”

~Jeb Gorham, Ph.D.,Wellness
  Director - Central Manager
  Miramont Lifestyle Fitness
Former Director of Education Peak Pilates