“Gary Calderone and I first met many years ago and realized that we had a very strong connection in the aspect of Pilates embracing a philosophy of whole being health, incorporating the spiritual and mental components of Joseph Pilates’ philosophy and lifestyle. Calderone has done an amazing job of capturing the essence of Joe’s work in his new book “The Pilates Path to Health: Body, Mind and Spirit”. This ‘must read’ is a significant addition to the limited library of the work enjoyed by millions around the globe. Calderone’s insightful recount of “Contrology” brings awareness to vital aspects of our health as individuals and as a society. By heightening our awareness of self through Pilates, we heighten our awareness of our influence of others, which can lead to a glimpse of reality and the hopeful global shift towards peace one Pilates Enthusiast at a time.

It is minds like Calderone’s mind that will help speed up the day, where a critical mass will embrace a peaceful and balanced state between mind, body and spirit hastening the shift in our worlds paradigm from one of anger to one of love. The beauty of Calderone’s book is his ability to make it personal and write it so that everyone can enjoy the deeper benefits that are associated with this great work that we all love and has changed our lives as admirers, enthusiast and teachers of Pilates. Great work Gary!!!”

~Brent D. Anderson PT, PhD, OCS President of Polestar Pilates