Life today is tempered by a growing sense of the overwhelming challenges we face in national and global affairs. This book is intended to expand internal awareness to better face those challenges—to build on what you know, to illuminate the reason that drives your practice, to help deepen what may be elusive or incomplete in your understanding of a coordinated, uniquely balanced trinity of body, mind, and spirit and the universal message that it holds. It is intended to help support individuals practicing the Pilates method, to support that consciousness Joseph Pilates referred to so many decades ago, to accomplish our desires from a position of renewed life!
~Gary Calderone, Author

“Joseph Pilates’ life was a dramatic reflection of his vision; and now, through this timely and beautifully crafted book, Gary Calderone has given us a window through which we, too, can reflect on an even grander path with our Pilates practice.
~Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle. Foreword Author

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Here What Teachers have to say

In this video Pilates teachers, Lee Cooper and Maila Rider discuss with author Gary Calderone the value of the book to the Pilates community. It is an exploration of the book's application in the teaching of the Method and how to elevate the message Pilates intended in its' practice.

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