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Interview with Gary Calderone

Gary Calderone

Listen to an extraordinary, passion driven conversation with Jenna Zaffino and I as we illuminate a Pilates perspective of inclusiveness, health sovereignty and celebration of the human spirt imbued in all Pilates aficionados. In our interview, I go deep into how the Pilates Method carries us beyond the boundaries of the studio and even the body itself! Be prepared to be challenged in your beliefs about just how far Pilates can take you in this charged conversation!



Pilates Anytime interview with Gary Calderone

Author of The Pilates Path to Health: Body, Mind and Spirit Gary Calderone, sits down with Kristi Cooper at Pilates Anytime to discuss his book about what Pilates can be in the 21st century. Here is an excerpt from the interview. 

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Learn why Gary confidently takes a stand that the intention of Joseph Pilates work was to be a vehicle for conscious change, health sovereignty and self - reliance. Gary tells us why he believes it was Joseph Pilates’ “hope that people would and could change their way of thinking and their lives to the betterment of humankind by embracing his work.”

Throughout the conversation, Kristi and Gary put words to the often “unspoken benefits” that embody the Pilates experience. The discussion includes the potential of your Pilates practice to be a path towards a deeper understanding of self and a practice that can transform your life.

If you love Pilates and know that more than exercise is happening when you practice it regularly, you will enjoy this conversation.

It has a real time, uncut, candid and passionate direction toward Pilates as an aware state of being and the unspoken benefits that brings to one's life and holds Joe's vision of whole health as unity consciousness in the 21st century.

Here's what subscribers will hear and see when they watch this interview:

  • A discussion, conversation, a discourse, an exploration into the vision JHP held for the future of humanity.
  • A 21st century definition of what Pilates can be in the life of your client and in the real nature of whole health and living a life you love.
  • A deeper understanding toward the development of self and why Pilates can be a path to that end... a practice to transform your life.
  • The book reveals what may not be discussed, yet experienced, in a Pilates experience.
  • The book takes a stand on the intention of JHP ‘s work as a vehicle for conscious change, health sovereignty, and self reliance.
  • Pilates teachers as being a service to humanity helping others to find a path toward self healing.
  • If you want to take on Pilates as a transformational practice this book is a primer for that pursuit.
  • How the book fortifies your teaching and the message you convey.
  • How to have the book in the studio offering it as a gift of knowledge and a deepening of relationship between client and teacher.
  • The book empowers the client ‘to get’ why they love doing pilates with you.