“The Pilates Path to Health: Body, Mind, and Spirit~An Exploration in Outcomes and Distinctions”

In this interactive seminar you will learn why Pilates Teachers are important in the bigger scheme of things. Through this hands on, interactive seminar, the Pilates Teachers will gain the understanding that they provide much more than an exercise for their client's. Ultimately, a consciousness path toward self healing. 

Topics Covered

  • Exploring Pilates as a transformational practice.
  • Understanding the message that fortifies your teaching.
  • Insights that can deepen the relationship between teacher, client, and the world.
  • Stories from the clients perspective on how Pilates has changed their lives.


"Again, thank you for a wonderful class and your words of Pilates wisdom.  You have the vision and enthusiasm that Joseph himself had. I will continue to share "insights" from your book and CD with my clients. Tomorrow I will use "being fully present in the moment" as my class focus. If I can begin by sharing Pilates healing with one person that then shares with another and yet another, Pilates can begin to change the world one Contrology breath at a time!" 
Thank you,

Beth Gannon, PMA-CPT

"The information provided in the PowerPoint presentation at The Body, Mind, Spirit Retreat was clearly different with regard to anyPilates seminar I've attended...and will be very valuable for myself as well as my clients."
Thank you,

Joan Mc Connel, PMA-CPT

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