Wendy’s Workshop at Frog Temple Pilates and Yoga Chicago Illinois, November 9-10 2019

I went to Wendy’s workshop this past weekend in Chicago. What a fabulous experience it was! I’ve come to know―after experiencing Wendy’s body of work over the course of nearly 30 years―is her innate ability to take Pilates to greater heights, for the greater good, toward unity consciousness. As she teaches Pilates from a bedrock of self-awareness, discerning the body, not as a machine that needs to be fixed and trained, but a living process, a verb not a noun, lends distinction to a human being as bio-intelligent that can; self-orient, self-regulate and self-heal. 

Once again, I attended a workshop. Randi Whitman owner of Frog Temple Pilates and Yoga and her staff hosted Wendy in Chicago. Eighteen Pilates teachers attended. Curiosity and inquiry created a very inclusive learning environment. A quote from Einstein set the tone for the two-day workshop. 

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” 

Personal growth and human development have always been the hallmark of an envisioned outcome in doing Pilates. Wendy has taken this vision into awareness of self. Consciousness. A 21st century empowered sense of self, where your present awareness is the experience of wholeness. The group explored and discovered this through a felt sense of hands and feet. These receptors inform the movement. Which raised profound questions like; “What’s just enough effort for the movement?” and “What can I let go of that I don’t need to be doing?” The group embodied this experience and shifted the collective perspective to embrace a new paradigm…can we transcend an exercise to an experience that serves our lives? 

It is in this perspective that we notice our relationship with gravity, our environment, our self, and other. We discover that gravity is not limited to a force but is a field that holds possibility, where aware function creates form. The group witnessed and experienced this transformation by exploring an exercise from the perspective of what is missing and working, rather than, what is right or wrong about an individual’s execution. 

My sense of purpose, passion, and vitality has been heightened through Wendys’3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective.  Personally, I’ve experienced health issues that would leave the unfortunate ‘uninformed’ limited to their dire straits. I am so deeply grateful for my felt sense of self that has been imbued through Wendy’s perspective. It has empowered my work in Pilates to assist those uninformed and usher humanities toward ‘a world whole as one.’ 

~Gary Calderone, Author of The Pilates Path to Health: Body, Mind, and Spirit